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Chalk & Chuckles

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Chalk & Chuckles

Scope of work

Brand Positioning & Identity, Brand Guidelines, Packaging System and Product Catalogue

You are what you play

Design Stack creates the brand identity for Chalk & Chuckles, a premium brand that connects learning with fun through table-top games. Led by the company’s ethos: ‘You are what you play’, we set about understanding the 3-12 demographic.

The brand needed a fresh new visual identity and a consistent system of colours, illustrations and graphics. The monogram was pivotal to the project, and our quirky design exudes playfulness while communicating curiosity and intellect. It extends itself to a series of icons that reflect skill categories of games, whether cognitive or emotional, linguistic or social. The Unicase font family, with its nested ligatures, represents both parents and children.

A colour-coded packaging system was created for ease of retail. Based on this, games can be conveniently stacked and accessed according to skill categories, while the entire range maintains a consistent look and feel. Illustrations play a key role in the players’ attachment to a game. And so we created friendly and likeable characters to give the game-play a story-like quality.
Credit: Illustrations by Madhura Anand Kamat

A fun yet informative visual identity - from the logo to the iconography - addresses the brand’s positioning of “you are what you play”.

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