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Jet Set Go!

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Disney India

Scope of work

Event Branding & Communication Design, Merchandising and Environmental Graphics

Leaving on a jetplane

Design Stack is Disney India’s agency-on-record. We develop Disney India’s communications for trade agencies, large, integrated brand campaigns, and end-consumer promotions.

Disney Channel partnered with Jet Airways on the ‘Jet Set Go’ campaign, which took 30 families on a free trip to Disneyland Hong Kong. A special aircraft, branded with Disney’s favourite characters, flew the winners there. The campaign generated a record-breaking 6 million entries and culminated in a high-profile event.

We handled the branding for the aircraft, as well as for the event venue. We created the press kit, the promotional materials and the marketing collateral that went with the campaign. We also designed and developed all the fun stuff – the giveaways and goodies for the children – T-shirts, baggage tags, mementos, and more.

We continue to be involved in designing strong visual narratives to create a locally relevant brand presence for Disney’s kids’ television network.

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