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Change Vol. 2

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Godrej & Boyce

Scope of work

Publication Design, Content Development, Art Direction and Infographics

Bringing Improvements to Change

In 2016, Design Stack refreshed the perception of Change magazine by introducing a contemporary look and feel.

The second volume of Godrej & Boyce’s new and improved, internally circulated magazine, Change, is aptly titled ‘Improvements’. 

Just as the company explores what Improvement means to Godrej, from the individual to the business, inside and out, Design Stack continues to push boundaries through design, from editorial inputs to texture, layout, style and presentation.

Since 2002, Godrej & Boyce’s in house magazine, Change, has shared what change means to the individual and society. 14 years later, the makers of Change thought it is time to repurpose the publication for relevance and accessibility.

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