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Scope of work

Brand Positioning & Identity, Brand Guidelines and Retail Graphics

99% Bananas, 1% You

Design Stack builds the identity for Chimp, a brand with the vision to dress every Indian in a t-shirt that is quirky yet familiar, a playful spin on popular and cultural iconography.

We created the “dancing monkey” monogram that echoed the brand’s vision, and directly connected with the 14-35 target group. The tag line, “99% bananas and 1% you” emerged from the percentage of DNA shared between chimpanzees and humans.

The dominant, vibrant, youthful yellow references the tag line. We were involved from strategy and positioning, to brand identity design, retail and in-store graphics. The resulting identity spun off a range of products, including bags, posters and stationery.

A brand identity and language, quirky and irreverent, which satisfies the young, and the young at heart!

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