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Scope of work

Brand Positioning & Identity, Brand Guidelines, Launch Communication Concept & Design and UI Design

Start-up special on the menu

Chop Chop is a food delivery app built around ease, speed and familiarity. The app targets the desk-bound officegoer, offering expertise in curated meals-for-one.

Design Stack devised a name, logo and tag line that set the tone and expectation of the brand promise – to fulfil the burning desire to order food, quickly. A forward-slanting font was used to indicate movement, and letters have been fit precisely, removing excess.

The website and app interfaces were designed for convenience and ease of use. For eg, a calendar allows you to schedule multiple dabba deliveries, set reminders or cancel orders. Bill Split allows you to order and split the bill with friends online.

The brand name, identity and UI design all communicate a sharp and youthful visual language of appetite, energy, and urgency.

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