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Centenary book

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Apeejay Group

Scope of work

Publication Design, Content Development and Art Direction

To mark its centenary in 2010, the the Apeejay Surrendra Group undertook 100 Community projects across education, the environment, art and culture, capacity-building of institutions for the differently-abled, and the wellbeing of children and women. 100 : Milestones and Interconnections of Social Initiatives encapsulates the Apeejay centenary community initiative. It traces the Group’s philanthropy from its founding through successive eras, including the Paul family, who developed and refined a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to Corporate Citizenship.

From design, to curation, to copy, Design Stack’s approach to document this project with 'Milestones and Interconnections', presented each community initiative in its own context and geography, and as part of a larger whole.

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