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Rainmaker Consulting

Scope of work

Strategic Positioning, Brand Identity and Corporate Communications

A bridge for the legal ecosystem

Rainmaker delivers knowledge, learning and consultancy solutions to strengthen the legal ecosystem in India, with value-enhancing products and services.

‘Rainmaker’ isn’t a term associated with law. The tag line therefore needed to be simple and direct, yet capture the approachability needed for a business that is people-centric. ‘The Legal People’ stated their area of expertise in an easy, friendly way, and completed their corporate image. The arrow was incorporated into the Rainmaker logo, and further extended to a brand mnemonic.

It accurately served as a metaphor for their mission – to point a new way to the legal industry. The youthful blue appeals to disparate audiences – students, LPOs, and firms. Design Stack also created a ‘survival guide’ for Rainmaker, outlining who they are, what they do, their values and the company ethos. We designed and developed their launch invitation, newsletter, and survey reports.

The brand identity captures the concepts of guidance and direction, needed for a business that is people-centric, and Rainmaker’s promise.

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