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Colour Spectra Pro

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Asian Paints

Scope of work

Visual Identity, Packaging System and Colour Index Booklet

Solving packaging blues

The Asian Paints Colour Spectra Pro is a colour tool for architects and interior design firms, which showcases a staggering 1800 shades.

Asian Paints needed a packaging solution for their set of 1800 shade cards that would protect the swatches, and make it easy to store and transport. We repackaged these shade cards in a nifty, easy-to-carry, toolbox-like packaging unit made from eco-friendly materials. Each deck comes with its own user guide booklet.

Each colour deck presents the shades that are contained inside as an element of the external packaging. This heightens its appeal and is also practical and functional, so that users can identify colour categories at a glance. We received the International Design Award (Los Angeles) for design, creativity, usability and innovation.

We created a quickly-referenced, easily-stored and handily-transported shade tool that is environmentally friendly.

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