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Disney & Me

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Disney India

Scope of work

Branding, Communication Strategy, Retail Graphics, Launch Campaign

Creating the Magic

Disney & Me is the first Disney Store to open in India. It is a fashion and lifestyle brand started by DLF Brands in collaboration with Disney India. It houses apparel, footwear, bags, toys and novelties from different franchises owned by Disney worldwide – Mickey & Minnie, Marvel, Star Wars, Disney Princess and Frozen.

The brand identity was created to project an aged-up aesthetic to suit a 8-12 year-old tween and be aspirational for a younger age group. The visual identity maintained the indisputable Iconic status of Disney as a brand and leveraged it to the maximum. A modern and playful font was used for the ‘&me’.

Inspired by the most popular Disney character, Mickey, a strong bright red was used along with black to create a strong recall for the house brand, while the franchises had colour families of their own. The retail imagery and the communication was based on the child’s personal connect with Disney, with the images of models constantly interacting with their favourite Disney characters.

The Disney & Me child is sure of him/herself, and has an evolving personal identity. They have a clear affinity with certain Disney characters, and the design into that. It’s all about their personal connect with Disney. 

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