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Karl Lagerfeld

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Future Style Lab

Scope of work

Creative Direction, Look Book, Photo Shoot

Bringing Karl Lagerfeld to every urban woman

Cover Story, a brand we’ve helped build from scratch and watched grow to 34 stores in under two years was adding a global fashion icon to their portfolio. The Karlandme collection was specially designed to bring authentic Karl Lagerfed style to today’s young Indian urban woman.

This was a first for the Karl Lagerfeld global brand as well as the Indian fashion industry. On the design front, we knew the campaign had to reflect Karl’s eternally classic design ideology while it spoke to the Cover Story audience- vibrant, feminine women from small town to urban India.

The campaign stayed true to both, keeping our clean, bold philosophy as design driver, borrowing from Karl Lagerfeld’s personal life. The visuals told the story of a walk through his world. The tone was sharp, direct and confident while the visual language was monochromatic with a hint of feminine flair.

Each element of the campaign spelt out ‘classic chic’, suggesting a collection that is all-time wearable as much as designer.

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