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Shoppers Stop

Scope of work

Positioning, Visual Identity, Guidelines, Communication

Life gets you there.

Design Stack created the brand strategy and identity for Life, a best-selling store brand of denim and casual wear from Shopper’s Stop. Life is all about the everyday and offers a high quality selection of denims, western fashion-forward styles, accessories and footwear, all at great value. 

With an accent on playful clothing, Life creates clothes that are casual, cool and comfortable. Competing in a market of well-entrenched brands, it caters to young urban men and women who belong to GenZ, in the age group of 18-25 yrs.

Life’s trendy and easy-going style provides them with confidence and a cool factor to stand out in a crowd. High on enterprise and optimism, the brand statement — Life gets you there — propels our audience of driven dreamers to reach for what they desire and deserve.

The Life logo reflects a vibrant youth culture, universally expressed through street graffiti and body art. The handwritten font conveys a strong sense of individualism and self-expression. Its cursive letters exude a cool and casual style that reflects the brand.

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