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Gonemo Pvt. Ltd.

Scope of work

Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Visual Language, Brand Guidelines Manual.

Shouldering Growth, Fostering Happiness.

Design Stack created the strategic positioning and the visual identity for Nemo, a digital neobanking platform that provides small businesses with growth-accelerating tools and services.

Our suggested positioning statement, “Shouldering Growth, Fostering Happiness,” aptly encapsulated Nemo’s customer-centric approach and we ensured that this was reflected in the company’s visual identity as well. We created a typographical logomark and by underlining the ‘o’ with a curved, shoulder-like form we were able to infuse the idea of a supportive, humanized enabler.

In addition, the lowercase font with softened edges, further heightened the feeling of friendliness and approachability. The colour blue, against which the logomark is set, symbolizes trust and technology, while orange suggests warmth and vibrancy.

Nemo is targeting to scale from 10,000 customers in 2021 to 500,000 customers over the next three fiscal years according to the co-founder.

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