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State Bank of India

Scope of work

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity and Guidelines across all touch points.

Instantly new, yet instantly recognisable.

State Bank of India, the nation’s largest banking and financial services provider, today unveiled its new brand identity, designed to position SBI as a modern, progressive bank, ready to meet the financial needs of all Indians.

SBI top management and the SBI brand marketing team, led by Dinesh Menon, CMO-SBI, Design Stack, to develop the new identity. The challenge was to arrive at a fresh perspective, while retaining the brand’s iconic stature. Strategically, it needed to be ‘Instantly new, yet instantly recognisable.’

Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chairman – SBI, stated, “In recent years, SBI has accelerated its efforts towards developing digital products and services. Hence, we felt the need to position SBI as a contemporary brand, ready to connect with a diverse audience in a world that is rapidly going digital.”

While the legendary SBI monogram has been the de-facto symbol of State Bank of India, combining it with the abbreviated SBI word mark was pivotal to the new identity. It made the brand more concise and modern, infusing new energy, while retaining it’s core values. It was refined further for greater clarity and ease of use. It was opened up for more breathing space, showing the bank to be more approachable.

For the word mark itself (SBI), a modern Sans Serif typeface was further adapted to create a sense of weight and heighten the institutional feel. It is a sturdy, geometric and highly legible typeface. To connect to the monogram, a gap was introduced in the letterform B in the word mark, just as the monogram itself. This creates a visual hook and also sets it apart.

The family of colours have been expanded for scale and play. The iconic SBI Blue was refreshed to make it more approachable. The deep inky blue symbolises trust and integrity. A youthful yellow has been introduced for contrast. The signature graphic, The Arc, will be used across every touch point of the brand, from media communications, to signage, to marketing and advertising across platforms to reinforce the brand.

Raja Balasubramanian, Brand Consultant, Design Stack – “Developing a new identity for a brand as iconic as SBI, that is close to the heart of every Indian, posed both an enormous opportunity and challenge. It perfectly encapsulates the strategic brief of “Instantly New, yet Instantly recognisable – a remarkable achievement.”

Watch this space as we continue to shape the new identity across touch points.

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