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State Bank of India

Scope of work

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity and Guidelines across all touch points.

Instantly new, yet instantly recognisable.

Design Stack refreshed the brand Identity of State Bank of India, the nation’s largest banking and financial services provider, to position them as modern and progressive, ready to meet the financial needs of all Indians. The challenge here was to arrive at a fresh perspective, while retaining the brand’s iconic stature. Strategically, it needed to be ‘Instantly new, yet instantly recognisable’.

While the legendary SBI monogram has been the de-facto symbol of State Bank of India, combining it with the abbreviated SBI word mark was pivotal to the new identity.

It made the brand more concise and modern, infusing a new approachable energy while retaining its core values. The monogram was opened up for greater clarity and breathing space especially on digital platforms.

For the word mark, a sturdy, geometric modern Sans Serif typeface was customised to create a sense of weight and heighten the institutional feel. To connect it to the monogram, a gap was introduced in the letterform B, creating a differentiating visual hook.We developed a brand manual for the refreshed identity, with a complete and comprehensive set of guidelines, clearly establishing brand assets and their usage.

Our design mantra of Simplify, Modernise, Optimise made sure the brand identity was consistent and easy to use across all touch-points.

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