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Tata Trent

Scope of work

Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines and Retail Graphics

Reimagining fashion for today’s youth

Westside, started by Tata Trent Ltd., is one of India’s largest retail chains. We re-imagined two of Westside’s western wear sub-brands: Sugar Rush (young women), and 2F4U (male youth), beginning with abbreviated names that imitated SMS-speak.

Sugar Rush Club: With a target group of young women aged 15 to 25, Design Stack renamed Stone River Classics. Sugar Rush Club is fresh, youthful and trendy, with instant appeal through pop colours.

2 Fast 4 You: 2F4U targets the 18-30 male, for which the logo was created to appeal to two sides of his personality. New-age tech fonts were combined with materials reminescent of the rugged outdoors.

Design Stack refreshed Westside’s western wear sub-brands to make them more relevant, accessible and fun for the youth.

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