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Bombay Brasserie

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K Hospitality Corp

Scope of work

Brand Positioning & Identity, Brand Guidelines, Brand Strategy, Brand Communication, Space Design

Designing a Culinary Journey

Design Stack delivered a brand new visual concept infused with youth and energy for Bombay Brasserie, a restaurant that serves pan-Indian cuisine.

Bombay Brasserie is all about re-discovering India through an explosion of flavour, by sampling small plates or indulging in large ones, from an eclectic selection of ingredients.

While the space is conceptually western, the food is distinctly pan-Indian, and the logo reflects that. It initialises ‘Bombay Brasserie’, but with a twist, placing the Devanagri ‘B’ and its Roman counterpart side by side.

The personality of Bombay Brasserie is that of the intrepid traveller. Suitcase in hand and ready to go, he takes you on a gastronomic journey. The space graphics are multi-layered and diverse, taking you across India. Hints of geographical maps with coordinates trace the route from cuisine to cuisine.

Regional recipes are personalised and rendered in watercolour, brought to life. The copy, in travelogue-style, celebrates each region’s culinary stereotypes, from the ‘Patiala Bar’ to the Red Hot Kerala Fish. The illustrations are a flavourful combination of ingredients, topography and culture. The typography is inspired by airport codes.

Every single piece of collateral, from what you see on the tables, to in-restaurant and promotional material, to takeaway packaging, extends the idea of travel and discovery, of a confluence of culture and cuisine.

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