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Dastkar Andhra

Scope of work

Brand Positioning & Identity, Retail Graphics and Brand Launch Communication Design

The weaving together of many threads

Dāram offers urban India a range of 100% handloom products, including readymade garments for men, women and children, furnishings and home accessories.

Uniting the traditional and the modern, Design Stack created a bilingual logo in English and Telugu. Since Dāram means thread, we also created a unique font to visually allude to a simple yarn, where each letter is reflective of the movement or looping of yarn. Earthy combinations of ochre and rust were used in colour systems for tags and shop signage, indicating different product categories.

Tags were screen-printed to further the handmade feel. The invitation for the launch was dominated by the Tree of Life, representative of the self-sustaining ecosystem of craftsmen, products, retailers, and consumers. Through Dāram, Dastkar Andhra has found new ways of connecting the customer to the producer, and building lasting relationships.

Many threads come together in Dāram; a bilingual logo and handcrafted tags embrace and enhance the Rustic-Modern aesthetic.

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