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Scope of work

Brand Positioning & Identity, Brand Guidelines and UI Design

The currency of authenticity

One ID provides background verification, employment, health, finance, education and lifestyle solutions through a unique, easy-to-use app, to the blue-collar worker.

Authenticity forms the basis of One ID’s positioning. The logo is inspired from the “Guilloché” patterns found on currency notes, which are ingrained into notes to give them a distinctive authenticity. The wave pattern used in this logo suggests ease of use – a seamless integration of services for users.

Apart from creating the brand collateral, we designed a simple and highly functional app interface for One ID. The app comprises an easy 2-step registration process and access to services based on an intuitive selection of interests. A set of icons was designed based on the overall visual identity.

Authenticity and simplicity form the basis of One ID’s positioning: From the logo inspired by the distinctive patterns found on currency notes, to a highly functional, app interface design.

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