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Asian Paints

Scope of work

Packaging System, Product Catalogue, Visual Identity

Packaging with Care

Asian Paints’ TruCare is a range of expert painting tools that enhances productivity and professionalism for the primary customer – the contractor.

The new packaging and brand identity system seeks to win the trust and confidence of the customer through clear and direct articulation. It is centred around the key product promise of professionalism and efficiency. The brief also involved differentiating TruCare from a host of local players in what is largely an unorganised category.

A simple yet dynamic look and feel helped us maintain a high level of consistency across a wide and evolving range of products. Signature graphics in yellow and purple achieve a striking contrast, ensuring greater visibility in cluttered dealer outlets. Colour coding was employed in the case of unmechanised tools like brushes and rollers to enable easy customer recall.

Overall, the new packaging has helped establish TruCare as a premium and dependable brand in its category.

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