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Unemployed & Happy

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Save the Children Fund

Scope of work

Campaign Concept and Design, Art Direction and Photo-shoot Production

Unemployed & Happy

The global charity organisation Save the Children operates in 18 states across India, addressing every child’s fundamental rights to security, health, and education.

The purpose was to create a campaign to get people to pledge support against child labor. Our challenge was to get people to make pledges, through thought-provoking, inspiring creatives that were engaging but not preachy. We identified that childhood memories evoked feelings of nostalgia for simple pleasures and carefree moments – a time that most of us take for granted, but is a lost privilege for victims of child labour.

‘Unemployed & Happy’ was a month-long, anti-child labour, pro-child education pledge campaign for which we created collateral across a number of touchpoints. We devised digital banners, print ads, backdrops and panels for stalls in malls, video spots (from concept to final output), and a dedicated microsite to get people to pledge.
Campaign photography credits: Martin Prihoda

We captured moments that recalled fond memories of a carefree childhood; a time of unemployed happiness and simple pleasures.

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